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Feedatron - Automatic Dog Food Dispenser

Feedatron - Automatic Dog Food Dispenser

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Looking for a feeding product to relieve stress? This is the product for you. This smart automatic feeder is more than convenient. Thanks to this, your pets can enjoy feeding time even when you aren't home.


Time and portion programmable: Feed your pet 4 meals at scheduled times. Every meal has 1-20 portions control, which can help your furry friend develop better eating habits

Infrared induction: Thanks to the infrared smart sensor, when the bowl fills with a certain amount,  the machine will stop automatically, preventing food overflow.

Voice recorder: This feeder will allow you to record your voice in 10 second, so it will calling your pet to come and enjoy their meal time with your voice, eliminate the loneliness of pet even you are absent.


Due to high demand, orders may take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive. Please email us at If you have any questions.

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